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A Revolutionary Pregnancy App

The purpose of this app is to empower pregnant moms and their partners to make the best choices for yourselves and your baby. In order to do that you need accurate medical information. The Step by Step Pregnancy Care App will give you the facts you need throughout your prenatal care.

The Step by Step Pregnancy Care App shows a FREE list of all the standard prenatal tests & sonograms for the whole pregnancy. If a health care provider forgets to offer you a prenatal test it will not impact them, but the consequences for you and your baby are real. This app lets you document your medical information at every prenatal care visit using the same pregnancy flowsheet your health care provider uses. The app is available now in the Android™  and  iPhone™ stores in English and Spanish. Download it for FREE. Take your app with you to every OB visit to make certain that your health care providers understand your individual medical needs.

The Step by Step Pregnancy Care App also comes with a variety of social media features, such as Facebook™ and Twitter™ messaging, so you can keep your partner, family and friends in the loop with your prenatal developments. We genuinely love moms, dads, and families. We want to support you in getting the great prenatal care you deserve. There is no other pregnancy app like this one. The Step by Step Pregnancy Care App is free for a 2 visit trial.

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Screen 1 Your Pregnancy Flowsheet is just like the one used by your health care providers. You can record your results from every OB visit: your baby’s heart rate, your blood pressure, weight & fundal height (uterus size). A space is provided to write comments about each visit. You can send this flowsheet as a file to any email and download it on your desk top computer or tablet to keep forever. Try 2 visits for FREE. Then pay just $4.99 for unlimited OB visits. Share your test results with your loved ones before leaving your doctor’s office by email, Facebook™ and Twitter™ messaging. Keep your partner in touch with your prenatal care. It’s the next best thing to coming to every appointment with you.

Screen 2 Tests and Timing is a list of all the standard tests and sonograms that are offered to every pregnant woman, organized by the week of pregnancy. You can click on each test to read more about it. There are suggestions for topics to bring up during your visits. You can use this screen for FREE. 

Screen 3 My List is a convenient place to keep all of your questions, so you will remember to ask them during your visit. Of course you can also keep  a list of your favorite baby names here, or anything else that is important to you related to your preparations to bring your baby into the world. You can use this screen for FREE.

Screen 4 The History Questions will be coming soon after the basic app is launched. It will have 9 screens of questions to answer about your personal health history, your baby's father, family history, surgeries, medications, and more. If you mark a question “Yes” the Tests and Timing screen will be changed. New tests and consultations will be added only for you. Keep watch for the arrival of this upgrade.

Our App is Free to Download  /  26 Years of Medical Experience

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